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Seeing the city [x]
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Poor Frank (x)

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Cry is amazed by the copious amounts of sex (x)

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Anonymous asked:
"oh my gosh, okay so quick question, I just went to the Hank Green tag to ask anyone in it if Hank has ever said whether or not he's gay? Not that I would care, it is only because I think he's so attractive and I watched the drunk kitchen video and It made me wonder. I hope this doesn't make anyone angry. I don't want to ask him because I don't want to risk him being offended if he isn't. Not that that'd be something to get offended by I am trying to phrase this without offending ANYONE... sorry."

Nope, Hank’s not gay.  He’s married to the amazing Katherine!

Hank forgets what Youtube show he’s on.  (x)